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How it Works

Let Ms. Muddy Boots show you how it works!

  • Ms. Muddy Boots scans a plant in her garden
    Smart Plant Tags

    Muddy Boots Plant Tags are interactive tags that you scan with your smart phone, and your plant data displays on the phone.

  • Ms. Muddy Boots is tired of piles of journals and plant tags!
    Get Organized

    With our Garden Records system, you can organize all your information about your plants and garden, record journal notes, and upload thousands of photos of your plants and garden.

  • Mr. Muddy Boots shows a friend the garden.
    Visitor Friendly

    Visitors to your garden can also read your Plant Tags with their smart phone. Great if you have lots of visitors!

  • Mr. Muddy Boots on his deck reviewing his plant records.
    Access from Anywhere

    Access your Garden Records and photos from your smart phone, tablet and computer, so they are always at hand when you want them.

  • Ms. Muddy Boots shares her plants on social media from her tablet.
    Share your Garden

    Our Garden Records are easy to share on Facebook, Pinterest and other social media, so you can share information about your plants and garden with all your friends.

Durable, Interactive Plant Tags

Tags are etched with a QR Code and are easy to read with a quick scan of your smart phone. Your garden visitors can also read the tags with their smart phone. Simply download a free QR Code Reader app on your phone.

Tags display the details about your plant that you have entered including your journal notes and photos.

Durable tags made of rigid aluminum that will last for years and are resistant to UV, weather, salt spray and chemicals. Our tags blend into the background and don’t clutter up the look of the garden.

A beautiful tree waiting to be identified with its plant tag!
Scan, click, or tap this tag to see it in action.


The Photo Gallery and Journal displayed on laptop and phone

Plant Notes & Photos all in one Place

Upload and organize photos of all your plants and your garden with dates and captions that create a visual history. Because your Garden Records are online you can access them from your smart phone, computer or tablet.

Record notes about the garden in general such as when you started a new border or laid a path.

What You Get

Pricing & Free Plan

Sign up now for the free plan. Use it as long as you like, up to 25 plants and 50 pictures.
And we’ll also send you a virtual plant tag to try.
Click here for tag pricing.