Add a Journal Note

A Journal Note is always associated with a Plant Record. Here’s how to add one.

At the Garden Records page click on the Common Name or Botanical Name of the Plant Record you wish to write about. This takes you to the Plant View page for that record. Below the blue box containing the basic plant data you will see the Garden Journal icon and to the left of this is ADD A JOURNAL NOTE. Click this and you may:

  • Enter a Date for the Journal Note
  • Select a KEYWORD, which is a quick search term when sorting through ALL JOURNAL NOTES
  • Enter the text of the Journal Note – this is a free-form text field


Once you’ve entered your Journal Note, click ADD THIS JOURNAL NOTE at the bottom of this page. If you decide not to add the Journal Note, click NEVER MIND and it will not be added.

NOTE: If you want to make Journal Notes about your garden in general, create a Plant Record for your garden and add Journal Notes to that Plant Record.


Add a Journal Note

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