Add a Plant Record

At the Garden Records page, you will see on the left side of the page ADD A RECORD. Click this to add a plant.  Fields are optional; just include at least a common name or botanical name.

  • Enter either a Common Name or Botanical Name, or both if you like.
  • Enter the Garden Location – where the plant is in your garden.
  • Enter the Source – where you got the plant.
  • Enter the Date Planted.
  • Enter a link to a Data Sheet for that plant.  NOTE: To find a data sheet, Google your plant name and you’ll see search results that link to arboretums, nurseries, etc. Find one you like and copy that URL into the field call Data Sheet.
  • Assign a Plant Tag.  NOTE: If you’ve purchased Muddy Boots Plant Tags, the available tag numbers will show up in your account. Click inside the Plant Tag box and you may assign one of your available tag numbers to this plant.
  • Once you’ve entered your information, click ADD THIS PLANT at the bottom of the page.



Add a Plant

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