Dahlia Delights

Dahlia ‘Creekside Brantley’ 

When the garden is winding down and looking somewhat haggard (and no doubt this gardener as well), there is always the surprising delight of the Dahlia.  So much color and flounce at season’s end!  There is a proper way to grow these beauties which involves digging and dividing tubers, carefully storing for winter, planting out and staking, bud pinching, etc. etc. etc.  For the lazy gardener (again, me), Dahlias are annuals that occasionally make it through a mild winter.  Wasteful you may say, but I buy my Dahlia tubers at Bullington Gardens’ spring plant sale so my waste becomes a small contribution to a garden that I enjoy.

Dahlia ‘Aitara Caress’

Bullington Gardens has a wonderful Dahlia Garden cared for by the wonderful Brian Killingsworth.  The collection of over 400 plants includes many of Brian’s registered ‘Creekside’ cultivars.  To celebrate the splashy September show, Bullington Gardens hosts Wine & Dahlias.  This year’s event was a great success and the late September evening could not have been more perfect.  Congratulations to John Murphy, Director, and all of the many tireless volunteers!

The cactus and informal types are my favorites.  Click any picture for a close up look.

Dahlia ‘Snoho Storm’


Dahlia ‘Cherokee Beauty

Unnamed 2016 Creekside Seedling

Unnamed 2014 Creekside Seedling

Dahlia ‘Goshen Giant’

Dahlia ‘Hollyhill Hello Dolly’

Dahlia ‘Crazy 4 Jessie’

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