Document Your Garden

The instinct to document your garden is a good one.  If well done, it becomes a wonderful reference and a pleasant stroll down the gardening years.  I’ve started many a journal.  A really sweet notebook usually kicks it off.  I make notes, scribble plant lists, and sketch ideas.  What I don’t do with these journals is actually refer back to them.  My notes are disorganized and scattered in all these delightful little books.  Muddy Boots Plant Tags has given me a way to bring together notes, plant info, and garden photos.  It is easy to sort through and search.  Like most things worth doing, it takes a little time and effort, but for me it’s pleasant work and the outcome is a very useful record of my garden Acorn Hill.

Below is an excerpt from an article on documenting your garden published at the Chicago Botanic Garden’s website.

The Secret to a Successful Garden Next Year? Document It This Year!

This month’s Smart Gardener addresses a key part of gardening that green thumbs often overlook: documentation. Rather than giving a “thumbs down” to the idea, think of documentation as an opportunity to steadily improve your garden year after year—by increasing productivity in your vegetable beds, by reducing costly mistakes in landscaping, or simply by making less work for yourself. The trick is to document in a way that’s both practical and fun for you, the gardener who’ll be referring to it.

Click here to see the entire article at the website for Chicago Botanic Garden.

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