Garden Snapshot

From the Menu in the top right corner, you may select Garden Snapshot. This is a page where you may input general information about your garden and write a short story about your garden. You may also select a picture from your PHOTO GALLERY which will display on the Garden Snapshot page.

In the Garden Snapshot you may enter:

  • Garden Name: the name you’ve given your garden
  • Garden Size: the size of your property
  • Garden Location: where your garden is
  • Climate: how you describe the climate that you garden in
  • Soil: what your soil is like
  • USDA Hardiness Zone: you may select your zone. There is also a link to the USDA Hardiness Zone May if you’re unsure of your zone.
  • Your Garden’s Story: This is a free-form text box that allows you to write a short story about your garden.

You may EDIT this page by clicking on the Red Pencil, making changes or additions, and clicking on UPDATE MY GARDEN.  You may CHANGE the picture by clicking on CHANGE PICTURE below the picture that is displayed. You will see all of the pictures available in your Photo Gallery.  Click on the picture of your choice and it will automatically become the picture displayed on the Garden Snapshot page.  You can always go back and change it whenever you like. This is a page that may be shared on social media.


Garden Snapshot


Garden Snapshot Edit

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