Gardener Personalities

Ms. Muddy Boots
Ms. Muddy Boots

No matter what style of gardener you are, we all have a couple things in common:  A love of the natural world and a desire to get our hands in the dirt.

Does this sound like you? You might be a: Let Muddy Boots Plant Tags help you: EXAMPLE
I collect Plantus specialii and only Plantus specialii Plant Specialist Curate your plant collection SEE EXAMPLE
I see it, I love it, I must have it! Plantaholic Keep track of your treasures SEE EXAMPLE
I just installed a pond! Garden DIYer Record your projects SEE EXAMPLE
Let me show you pictures of my Hostas Camera Bug Organize your photos SEE EXAMPLE
Did I tell you I visited Chanticleer? Garden Traveler Organize your travel adventures SEE EXAMPLE
I just transplanted that to … hmmm Rearranger Keep track of what you planted where SEE EXAMPLE
You won’t believe how many tomatoes I just picked! Farmer Track your inputs and harvests SEE EXAMPLE
I just planted the most wonderful combination … Designer Capture your best vignettes and plant combos SEE EXAMPLE
Don’t tell me, that’s a … shrub! Beginner Learn and remember your plant names SEE EXAMPLE

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