How Can I get My Data Out of Muddy Boots Plant Tags?

On the My Account page, below the PLANT AND PICTURE SUMMARY, you will see four EXPORT options.

By clicking on the ‘HERE’ link next to each of the four exports, you may download all of your data.

Plant Records, Journal Notes and Photo Captions are downloaded as CSV text files. CSV files may then be uploaded into almost any spreadsheet product such as Excel. The records in each of these files can be linked together with a unique Plant ID. Keep in mind you must have a level of basic skill with some spreadsheet tool to connect these things together. But the data is all there.

Photos are exported into a compressed zip file. The individual photo files are named after the unique Plant ID so you can link Photo Captions with the actual image files.  If you have a lot of photos in your Muddy Boots Plant Tags account, this may take a several minutes to download.

The downloads are handled based on the settings of your browser. By default, some browsers put download files into a specific folder, such as ‘Downloads’. Those who tend to do more downloading adjust their browser settings so that they are prompted to select a folder for the download rather than accepting the default download folder. The bottom line is that it will export and where it goes when it’s exported is based on your browser settings.

NOTE:  Remember, when you upload photos to Muddy Boot Plant Tags, the image file is resized so it loads quickly when viewed.  Your original file on your computer does not change.  When you EXPORT photos, you will get back the RESIZED image, not the original size. Keep in mind, you uploaded the photos into Muddy Boots Plant Tags so you should still have the originally sized photos on your computer, phone or tablet.


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