Interactive QR-Coded Plant Tags – Smart Phone Scannable

Fothergilla with Interactive QR Coded Smart Phone Scannable Plant Tag
A ‘live’ Muddy Boots Plant Tag in the Garden. Get your smart phone out and scan the photo with a QR code reader to see the plant on your smart phone.

Muddy Boots interactive plant tags connect the plants in your garden with any mobile device to make reading information about a plant in your garden an easy and enjoyable experience.  We’ve all lived with plant tags that are written upon or etched in with the name of the plant.  We also know that these tags often deteriorate over time and are eventually unreadable or just disappear.

QR code technology has been around for years.  QR codes have been used as an easy way to allow a consumer to access a website without having to type in a long website address.  You’ve probably seen these in a number of applications, including on packaged good products you buy at the grocery store.  Scan the QR code and read more about your favorite breakfast cereal.  You may also have seen QR codes on plants in your favorite nursery.  Scan the QR code and read more about the plant, its shade or sun requirements, hardiness, watering requirements and so forth.

Muddy Boots Plant Tags combines an interactive QR coded plant tag with a comprehensive garden record keeping application.  It’s like having an inventory system for the plants in your garden with names, sources (where you acquired the plant), location in the garden, date planted and more.  Attached to each plant are the photos you have taken of that plant and will take in the future.  Also, notes that you have made and will make in the future about its bloom, transplant history, fertilizing and so on.

Muddy Boots Plant Tags puts all this together into a tidy, easy to use package that allows you to work with all this information in your garden and access it using your computer, smart phone and tablet.  All the information is in one place.

Muddy Boots Plant Tags are durable.  They are made of aluminum and have a unique QR code etched into the aluminum.  When you add a plant to the Muddy Boots garden record-keeping system, you have the option of assigning a tag to the plant.  Once you do that, go out to the garden and attached the tag to the physical plant, using a wire to hang the tag from the plant or a pin to pin the tag to the ground near the base of the plant.  As you’re walking through your garden with friends and can’t remember name of that plan, simply pull out your smart phone, scan the tag, and read all about it on your smart phone.

You friends can scan plants in your garden too.  Do you occasionally have a garden tour? Your garden tour visitors can scan too.

QR code readers are pervasive and free.  There are more than a few available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.  We tend to like the i-nigma QR code reader, but we’ve used many and they all work.  You can get the i-nigma QR code readers at the Apple iTunes site and at Google Play.