Spring Cleanup (in January)

Tidy Terrace Garden

I can’t believe how warm it’s been for the last week.  In Western North Carolina, we’ve had temperatures in the 60’s.  Last weekend I decided to tackle some leaf cleanup.  I don’t usually start this until mid-Feb, but heck … why not?  I worked through the Terrace Garden last Sunday, raking, cutting back, pulling out one or two dead things.  I’m disappointed that the Hebe looks as rough as it does.  It’s not really hardy here, but it sailed through last winter.  It’s probably a goner this year.  After five hours, the Terrace Garden looks quite tidy.  I may add some rotted leaf mold as a mulch.

I have a lot of specimen Dwarf Conifers in this area of the garden.  This is my next garden area that I will add to my Muddy Boots Plant Tag records.  I have at least 3 special little Picea’s and 2 Pinus densiflora cultivars that I don’t always remember the names of.  These will definitely get Plant Tags.

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