View and Search All Photo Records

Your Photos are associated with a Plant Record. You may view Photos for each Plant Record by clicking on the Common Name or Botanical Name for the Plant on the Garden Records Page. You may also VIEW ALL PHOTOS together.

To VIEW all Photos together, from the Menu at the top right corner of the page, select Photos. You will see, displayed in descending order by date, all of the Photos you have uploaded to your Plant Records.

You may SEARCH all Photos by clicking on the Search Box on the left side of the page. Here you may enter the text you’re looking for. The search includes: Photo Title, Caption, Name, Garden Location and Source. Your search results will be displayed in descending order by date.

Photos will be displayed three across in groups of 30 on a page. If you are using a tablet or smart phone, the number displayed across will vary based on the ability of the device.


Viewing All Photos


Photo Gallery Search Results

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