Virtual Plant Tags

When you first sign up for the free plan at Muddy Boots Plant Tags, you receive a virtual plant tag. It’s an image that is placed in your My Account page that you can use to get a better understanding of how this works.

To scan a QR-coded Muddy Boots Plant Tag, you’ll need a QR-code reader on your smartphone or tablet. Don’t be frightened; it’s FREE and easy. There are more than a few FREE QR-code readers for iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) and Android devices. The reader we find to be friendly and easy is i-nigma. Here are links you can use to download the i-nigma reader onto your iOS or Android device:

Get the i-nigma for iPhone/iPad here.
Get the i-nigma for Android here.

Here’s how you can use this. After signing up and adding a plant record, assign the virtual plant tag to your plant. You’ll be able to scan that virtual plant tag after assigning it. You can download that tag as an image file from your My Account page by right clicking it and saving it on your computer. But you can also scan that tag right off your computer screen.

Here is an example of a live virtual plant tag. Go ahead and scan it to see Japanese Maple ‘Floating Cloud’ – Acer palmatum ‘Ukigumo’:


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